Analysis, Strategy, Planning:  The process of determining where you are in the marketplace, where you want to be, and
how to get there from where you are right now,  We analyze who your customers are - or should be - and how to reach
them. We identify your company's marketing strengths  and weaknesses and guide you in setting a marketing budget and
time line.

Business Development:  We help you examine areas and markets of future growth or opportunity and ways you can
extract more business or referrals from your current client base.

Branding:  As a small business or design practice your business is inseparable from you. We help to identify and project
your business's image - its characteristics, strengths, abilities - in a strategic manner to the clients and thought leaders
that matter.

Tools, Tactics, and Programs

Awards Competitions:  Winning and publicizing awards you've won is a sales tool. Writely Yours is the only public
relations and marketing service that offers competition strategies and a complete submission package, including: site
briefing, site staging, directed photography, professional writing, document production/compilation,, and submittal. But
the process doesn't stop there. Publicizing your award is the key to maximizing your achievement as well as your
investment. Writley Yours, with our broad media reach, offers press-release writing and distribution to expand and extend
the usefulness of your award.  

Press Releases:  An effective press releases will prompt the media to write about your company's activities.  As
traditional print media continues to disperse, staying connected requires ongoing effort and awareness. Our media reach
includes daily news channels, weekly and monthly publications, online media, bloggers, consumer, as well as trade
publications -  from hyper-local to national in scope.

Article Development:  Better than paid advertising, when a publication features an article about your company you
are getting a degree of exposure as well as a third-party endorsement that money can't buy. Writely Yours clients have
been featured in trade journals as well as consumer magazines

Advertorials:  The hybrid of editorial content ( like a feature story), and a paid advertisement, an advertorial looks like a
magazine story, but you control a good measure of the content. Usually restricted to a specific number of participants
advertorials offer some exclusivity, and strategic placement. You pay a fee, but the publication takes care of the design
and layout. Writely Yours provides promotional writing for these marketing hybrids.

Direct Mail:  Even in the "Internet age", direct mail marketing still has a place in your marketing plan. Writely Yours
provides graphic design and copywriting for your direct mail campaigns, as well as coordinates printing and mailing. We
also provide custom database creation.

Copywriting:  Writely Yours was launched on the platform of skilled promotional and technical writing for the design,
building and agribusiness industries. Whether print or online, bios or brochures, Writely Yours understands your products
and services, as well as the marketplace, to craft accurate and persuasive messages.

Photography:  With a background in the television and film industry Writely Yours understands how to communicate
through images. Whether your field is landscaping, architecture, lighting, water elements, interior design, or any of the
other design and building arts, we recognize that it's all theatre. Our photo shoots, whether for advertisements, portfolios,
awards competitions or websites are directed by us to assure proper content and visual cues. Writely Yours also provides
site staging services.

Website Development and Promotion:  Your website should  help potential clients (and the media), to find you
(quickly), and get a glimpse of who you are and what you do. Our website packages include html-based programming,
content creation and formating  including;  graphic/page design, sourcing/uploading documents and images, and copy
writing. We'll optimize your site with appropriate key words, meta tags, and linking strategies. We provide periodic review
of your web analytics to make sure your program is on-target.

Email Marketing:  Writely Yours provides comprehensive email marketing services using the Constant Content
platform, including: e-newsletters, invitations, announcements, surveys, and special promotions.  We start by developing
a  strategy and year-long plan for your email marketing efforts, outline content, manage and grow your database,
produce and distribute each  campaign, and analyze results.

Online Marketing:  Maximize your ability to be found online, and for those touch points to compliment your brand and
sales cycles. Writely Yours develops and coordinates your online presence through social media, listing services,
cross-links, ad-words and pay-per-click services, with tailored programs to meet your goals.
Public Relations + Marketing Services
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